Pamper and Positivity

November 18, 2010 at 10:52 pm | Posted in Business Events | 1 Comment

ON Monday I went to a MumsClub event Pamper and Positivity.

Networking with other business mum’s is always an productive experience and I would recommend these type of meetings to anyone working from home, or who work for themselves.

The event was held in a hotel room with a talk on Positivity in the morning, a talk on Search Engine Optimization in the afternoon, an exhibition from some of the attendees and a pampering session over the lunchtime period. Even though it was a structured event it was also very relaxed.

The morning talk was given by Business and Lifestyle coach Lisa Baker from Hassled To Happy Coaching. She had us all thinking about how our negative or positive attitudes can affect our business and some tips on how to keep positive. Rather than just talking at us the session was very interactive and even included a walk around the room. The dance floor became the negative thinking area, something I’m already familiar with having two left feet when it comes to dancing. Then we moved to a positive area and got to know each other a little bit more before getting to experience more positive thoughts for ourselves. Lisa is bubbly and bright and it’s hard not to feel positive when around her, so I’d say for me the session was a success.

I missed out on the lunchtime pampering, not quite brave enough to jump up and take my place at one of the table offering either a manicure, a shoulder massage or some energy healing. Maybe if there had been more time I’d have tried something. The ladies that did try them out seemed very pleased with the results.

Lunchtime was also a good time to network with the other mums, I spoke to most women there and would like to give a mention here to some of their businesses.

Blueberries Junior Cooking Company, offer original cooking parties for children. They provide all the food and equipment and help the children cook their own food for the party and a treat for their party bags. They also do cookie and cake decorating parties and children’s cookery courses. The website also has a shop for children’s cooking utensils.

Think It Products are commited to building children’s confidence and self esteem. They offer a range of personal development cd’s and coaching for children aged 2-11 years.

Happy Little Monsters make personalised chocolate bars for any occasion. Take a look they really are lovely, and who doesn’t love chocolate?

Den of Cakes owned the most popular table in the exhibition. They make adorable cupcakes and brownies. I had one of these and yes it did taste as good as it looks!

Natural-U make gorgeous natural skincare products from beeswax. I bought some body rub which not only eases aching muscles but can also clear your sinuses and ease your headache.

On to the afternoon session on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Jean from Just Ask Jean. She gave us some really helpful advice on how to get our websites on the front page of Google. Anyone who has a website knows how important this is, as Jean said, who ever looks past the first page? I’ve been doing lots of research in this area but she still managed to give me a few ideas that I’ve not yet tried. Despite this subject being very technical Jean made everything very easy to understand.

After the event I walked back to the station with Lee from Hypnobirthing Birmingham, a lovely lady with a very interesting business.

I really enjoyed the day, I learnt lots, met up with lots of like-minded ladies, enjoyed lunch, loved my goody bag and got to taste a delicous cupcake!

The next event is already pencilled in my diary.


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  1. great piece, shall be following you regualy

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