Tips for Changing Baby’s Nappy

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Changing nappies for your first baby can be a steep learning curve, there is always something new to learn even if you’re on your second or third baby, and boys are different to girls. Here are a few tips to keep nappy changing a stress free experience.

1. preparation, make sure you have everything to hand before you actually start the change. You will need a clean nappy, something to clean baby with (wipes or cotton wool and water) a nappy sack to put soiled nappy in or nappy bucket if using re-usable nappies, cream or lotion. It may also be a good idea to have a clean set of clothes or at least a vest to hand just in case there is more mess than expected. With boys it can be useful to have a cloth to put over him to avoid getting a shower.

2. Have something to distract baby while you get on with the change, maybe a musical mobile, a colourful toy or picture, or a crystal hanging from a window casting shimmers around the room. I’ve seen a disco ball in the corner of a public changing room which worked wonders.

3. Never leave your baby unattended on a changing table.

4. When changing a baby boy place his penis in a downward position before fastening the nappy, otherwise you may get leaks around the waistband of the nappy.

5. If changing a newborn who’s umbilical cord has not fallen off completely yet remember to fold down the waist of the nappy to keep that area dry.

6. Watch out for rashes, if they are around waist and legs then it’s possible you need to use a larger nappy. Frequent rashes may mean you need to change your nappy brand.

7. Make nappy changing fun by singing or pulling faces at your baby.


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