Unique and Personalised Baby Gifts

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When I first started up my baby shop what I really wanted was to sell something I’d created myself. However, although I had plenty of ideas I hadn’t actually made anything at that point, but I wanted to get started on the shop straight away. This led me to looking around for baby things to sell and once I’d established a small stock I began adding them to my site and began my business.

It took a while to work out exactly what I wanted for my shop. I couldn’t make up my mind wether to continue selling baby clothes and accessories or to start making my own products. I figured I could do a bit of both and started making up baby clothing bouquets. Then reality struck. Although I loved making the bouquets they were incredibly time consuming, and with a new baby on the way I knew that after his arrival I wouldn’t have the time to make them anymore. I thought about other things I could make but the time to devote to them would always be a stopping point, at least for a couple of years.

Then someone approached me about selling their handmade jewellery in my shop. I did and it sold really well, but then the lady who made it decided she didn’t have the time to devote to making it anymore. This didn’t deter me though and I looked for other handmade items that I liked and thought would fit in my shop and then added a special gift section. So a happy compromise. I can sell the handmade items without having to devote my time in making them. I wish I could be making them but at the moment I’m just happy to be able to offer these lovely unique, handmade and personalised baby gifts to my customers.

Currently we have on offer: Kenzo Crafts Keepsakes

Booby and the beads Personalised bracelets and dummy clips

What’s my Name personalised plaques

Powell Craft handmade gifts

Flaming Imp Posters

Babybeads Nursing Necklaces


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