Change – Reflections on a year gone by.

September 12, 2011 at 10:07 am | Posted in information | 3 Comments

With the summer beginning to fade and the autumn seeping through many of us in business are now planning (or have already planned) our Christmas stock. So of course it’s the time you start thinking ‘where did the year go?’

The last year has also been my first year of running a business and it’s hard to believe just how much I’ve done. In the beginning I jumped in feet first, eager to get started and did it all wrong having to start again. That was my first important lesson, the second was learning that getting things wrong and starting again is something that you do over and over and over. Even if you believe you are going forwards all the time, you are, but you are also learning from the past.

My website has gone through many changes. Maybe it would have been better to get it all sorted before starting up but I think you may have already gathered I’m not that patient. Even so, I have followed the journey’s of others alongside my own business and even those who had all the professional help and advice on setting up and getting their sites right before going public have tweaked and changed things along the way.

Change is inevitable, you can’t stay static you have to work out what works and what doesn’t and that changes all the time, so it’s obvious that you will have to change too. I look back at what I wanted at the very beginning of starting up and see that even though I haven’t changed my mind, or my ideas, I have changed the ways I wanted to achieve them.

Change can also be damaging. You begin to get recognised for your website design, your logo, your business. Then you change and have to start all over again. So it’s good to keep a balance. Once I was happy with the overall design of my site I just tweaked it, keeping the main features that I figured most people would find recognisable. I’ve also changed the stock in my shop over and over, but my policies and beliefs are the same. I’ve always wanted to provide reasonably priced necessary items alongside unique handmade gifts, and this is what I strive to provide.

Recently I wanted to change my avatar on Twitter, it’s a picture of my little man in one of my outfits that I sold. My little man is not so little anymore and I no longer sell that particular outfit. However, I realised that I recognise so many people on Twitter first and foremost by their avatar. By changing mine I might not be recognised so easily. It’s certainly a good idea to give things like avatars a lot of thought when creating them.

Time now for a little forward thinking. This Christmas I hope to be very busy so I’m planning and hoping to work hard for the next few months. I can see what I’ve achieved this year, but this time next year I want to have achieved so much more.




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  1. Fantastic post, thenks for submitting this to the caarnival, hope christmas is exceptionally busy for you this year.

  2. Great post. I know what you mean; I’m terribly impatient and prefer to jump right in especially when I’m excited about something new. And I have had the same thoughts about my twitter avatar too!!

  3. I’m a jumper inner too and I’m facing the dilemma of wanting to change some things that aren’t working, but worrying I’m taking a step backwards in the recognisable stakes. Very timely post for me, and reassuring to know it’s not just me!

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