Why Choose Organic Baby Clothing?

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Why Choose Organic Baby Clothing?

Did you know that cotton is one of the most clinically treated fibres in the world?
Did you also know that a baby’s skin is five times thinner than an adults and we are capable of absorbing up to 60% of what goes against our skin?
This makes a baby more susceptable to the absorption of harmful toxins to its body.

Organic cotton farming does not use synthetic pesticides or herbicides.
Organic cotton production does not use chemical defoliation.
All organic products manufactured using organic cotton are also checked and certified by bodies such as the Soil Association.
Organic cotton feels softer, smells cleaner and is not finished with fomaldehyde. It is less likely to trigger allergies through the absence of harmful chemicals and is really kind to eczema.

So by buying organic baby clothing you are providing your baby with the healthiest, softest clothing you could possible buy and helping the environment as well.

At Bump To Bundle we offer a lovely range of organic baby clothing, gifts and gift sets.


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