Samsung SEW-3035 Wireless Monitoring System, Review and competition

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I was given a Samsung SEW-3035 baby monitor to review. This is a top of the range wireless video monitor with many features. I was also given two baby blankets to give away to my blog readers, more details about this below.

Samsung SEW-3035 Wireless Monitoring System

I’m usually a person who buys products which suit my needs and rarely go for top-of-the-range products, and if I’m honest I never really saw the advantages of having a video monitor. I believe I am converted now. Watching my baby sleep is an absolute pleasure and I was even able to do some recordings. I never before realised just how long he was awake before he started to move or make a noise. The first night this monitor was installed I was transfixed to the screen. The novelty did wear off, but I always felt more comforted being able to see my baby all the time.

The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to set up. The package even gives you a template to use when attaching the camera to the wall. I did not attach the camera as I wanted to test it from different positions in the room. The picture on the monitor screen was very clear. You can even view it through a computer or television, although the picture loses a little of its quality the bigger you view it.

At night the picture is black and white. We use a lamp in the bedroom but tried it with the lamp off and the room in complete darkness and couldn’t really tell the difference. During the daylight pictures are viewed in full colour. You can also zoom in on your baby for a closer look, and you can turn the on the night light on the camera by a switch on the monitor.

The Samsung SEW-3035 monitor is wireless and can be taken from room to room. It has its own handy little stand or a clip to attach it to your belt or clothing. The charge last for several hours and bleeps when the charge is running low, then you need to plug it in. The camera can also be used with batteries for complete portability.

There is a two way audio between the monitor and the camera so you can speak to your baby, sometimes a few words of comfort is all they need to help them settle back to sleep or stop the tears.

A really nice feature is the ability to record what the camera sees by a button on the monitor. You can record manually or set it to record automatically when it detects movement. You need a micro SD card, which is not supplied, to be able to use this function. I used one from an old phone. You can also use the monitor on your pc to send videos to friends and family through your Skype or MSN account.

The Samsung SEW-3035 Monitor can be used with up to four cameras which can be purchased separately.

Another feature is the temperature settings; the temperature of the room is picked up by the camera and displayed on the monitor. You can set an alarm to let you know if this temperature gets too hot or too cold.

In summary I found the Samsung SEW-3035 monitor easy to use and it looks smart. The screen is clear and gives a good picture in both colour and black and white. The sound quality is good and can be adjusted. It has many features which are all quite simple to use.

The innovative Samsung SEW-3035 wireless baby monitoring system is available now in the UK with an RRP of £149.

For more information please visit or

I have two Samsung travel blankets to give away. They are chocolate colour and are soft and cosy for baby. The blankets fold and pack away not a leather pouch when not in use and they can then be hung from a pram.  They are the perfect addition to any holiday and will ensure that baby travels in the utmost of comfort. Worth £19.99

The competition is now closed, congratulations to the winners, Sarah and Donna.


Spring is here!

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We are currently updating all of our stock and bringing in lots of lovely new spring items. We have new baby gift sets, lots of new sleepsuits, new sleepbags and gorgeous spring outfits for babies and children. We also have some new baby shoes which are really cute. New toys and accessories will also be added over the coming weeks.

We are planning a treat for Easter and this will be announced very soon. So keep watching out for our blog, facebook and Twitter updates.

There is a competition running over on our facebook page where we are going to give away a £10 voucher with free p&p to one person chosen from everyone who shares our facebook page with our friends. If you don’t know how to do the sharing then please ask.


Babybeads Breastfeeding necklaces

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Nursing necklaces, or breastfeeding necklaces are a great buy for a new mum. They are made to be attractive and stimulating to your baby and are safe for baby to play with while mum is wearing the necklace. We sell Babybeads necklaces which have been safety tested. they are made from non-toxic acrylic beads and strung on cord tested to 100lbs breaking strain. They are also knotted to minimise the loss of beads in the unlikely event of a breakage.

The Babybeads we sell come in many different colours and designs like this adorable blue necklace with animals, Little Boy Blue

or this really beautiful brightly coloured necklace with flowers and fairies, Flower Fairy

Or maybe something a little more unisex like this multi coloured necklace with tiny guardian angels, Guardian Angel

They are not only useful for breastfeeding babies you can also use them when bottle feeding. Mum wears the necklace and baby can look at it or play with it while feeding. It doesn’t stop there though, they also come in handy at other times babies need distracting, like waiting for an appointment in the doctors surgery. The necklaces generally become a well played with favourite of baby. When the child is older, over three years old, they may like to wear the necklace themselves and they fit in great in the dressing up box. (That’s if mum can bear to part with it!)

You can see our full range of Babybeads necklaces here, they make a fantastic present for an expectant or new mum and would be great as a babyshower gift.

Christmas Gift List

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It’s that time of year again, I love the run up to Christmas, buying presents, decorating the house, making the cake. I relish it all.

I’ve put together a little list of gifts to make life a little easier. Of course you can always visit our Christmas shop if you want things totally christmassy, but we have lots of other gift ideas all around the shop, so you can use this list for a little inspiration.

Gifts for Mums To Be

Books and Cds from Babysense.

Babysense book   £9

Sleepsense book  £9

Womb to World Cd   £9

La La Cd   £9


Gifts for Newborns

New baby boxed 5 piece clothing gift set  £19.99

4 piece gift set with photo album

gorgeously soft Hug Me Toys £12.00

Elly Organic cotton comforter toy, in blue or pink £13.00


Older Babies

Clothing We have a wide range of baby clothing that would make lovely gifts, for both boys and girls and at a price to suit every pocket.

Our gorgeous Moover toys are fantastic for getting little ones moving around and walking.

We have loads of toys like this fun ball blowing train £8

For the little princess a fabulous dressing up set in carry bag £11.99


Older Children

Constructions sets from Kidditec, ranging from £34.99 to £149.99

Magic Castle £16.99

Handmade bracelets £3.50

Personalised name plaques £14.99

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Finally, do you have some great events or parties to attend over the holiday season? If you need a babysitter or childminder and are in the London area then why not give Likeminders a try?

Coming Soon – Blog Carnival

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Bump to Bundle is hosting the blog carnival for November. The Blog Carnival is hosted by a different business blog each month and orginates from Helen Lindops Business Plus Baby Site.

You can find out more here on the Blog Carnival instructions page

The carnival will be a culmination of posts from anyone who wishes to submit. It doesn’t have to be your most recent post, it can be anything but a sales pitch. Tell us about your business or share your knowledge or tips, or tell us about yourself and why you do what you do.  The aim is to provide and interesting post so that people will become regular visitors to your blog.

If you would like to submit a blog post then please e-mail me at  before the 15th November. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Along the way…..

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We all have people who travel the journey with us, those that inspire us, encourage us or maybe they are just always there with a kind word or a little support.

I’d like to dedicate this post to some other mumpreneurs that I have met on my journey.

First off my friend Karen who started up a fantastic knitting business Babysmalls. She started making soakers and longies to go over nappies and now makes all sorts of wonderful knitted goodies, I particularly like her hoodies. I can remember my mum trying to teach me how to knit, but I never really got the hang of it, so I’m full of admiration for those that can. I know Karen works really hard and she really does deserve success.

Another friend is Eileen who works extremely hard as an Independant Usborne Organiser and also manages to find the time to make gorgeous sock monkey at PPBear’s Creations

Then there is my talented friend Louise who sells unique personalised baby blankets and gifts in her lovely shop, Gooseberrybush gifts She gave me lots of advice when I was first starting up and for that I will always be grateful.

I could name many more wonderfully inspiring women I’ve met along the way, and I probably will in the near future. In the meantime if you are just starting up then don’t be alone, join in on Facebook, Twitter or forums such as Mumsclub, and I’m sure you’ll find others to share your journey too.

And if you are a customer reading, I hope you can see that us mum’s work so hard to bring you wonderful things for your babies and children.

Facebook Rumours

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I posted this on my status the other day, I’ve seen lots of others do the same and thought, well, better be safe than sorry.

New Facebook Procedures – all page owners are asked to tell fans: If you are not an active fan of ours (liking or commenting on photos/our wall) as of October 31, 2011 you will no longer see updates from us in your news feed!

PLEASE LIKE THIS STATUS to keep seeing our updates 🙂

So what is it all about, and is there any truth in it?

Well, yes, but adding the above as a status is not going to help much. You have probably all noticed that Facebook has made a lot of changes recently and will be making more. One of the most noticable is how your wall has changed. The updates that are received are now all sorted by Facebook using a system where they put a value on every update you make and they are only seen by other Facebook users who are most likely to be interested in reading what you have to say. So those you interact with mostly are most likely to see your updates than those who you barely speak to on Facebook.

What does this mean for business pages? The more interaction you get on your page the more your posts will be shown to your likers. This means your page will not always be shown to every single one of your likers, but it will be shown to those who have posted on your wall, or liked your posts or interacted in other ways. So if you want to get noticed you have to work harder, but you will still get noticed by those who still want to see what you have to say.

Ready for the New Season

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Well, we’ve been promised a warm week to come but we all know that the cold weather will soon be upon us.

Bump To Bundle is now stocked with our lovely Autumn/Winter range. We have coats and outfits for babies, toddlers and children up to 8 yrs old. We also have a fantastic range of waterproofs which will keep any little one warm and dry no matter what the weather.

Also new in store is a big collection of baby and toddler toys in our toy shop. Some great ideas for a bit of early Christmas shopping, or just a little treat. Prices start from under £3

We have started up our newsletter again, but instead of filling it with news we are using it to offer subscribers a fantastic bargain every month. The newsletter will go out to subscribers on or around the 10th of each month. If you want to receive these subscriber only bargains do come and join us.

Kiddiebase are a great online market place featuring loads of great stores. They are currently running a competition to celebrate their first birthday. To be in with a chance of winning £50 to spend at Kiddiebase just go along and nominate your favourite store……it would be lovely if you could choose Bump To Bundle!



Change – Reflections on a year gone by.

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With the summer beginning to fade and the autumn seeping through many of us in business are now planning (or have already planned) our Christmas stock. So of course it’s the time you start thinking ‘where did the year go?’

The last year has also been my first year of running a business and it’s hard to believe just how much I’ve done. In the beginning I jumped in feet first, eager to get started and did it all wrong having to start again. That was my first important lesson, the second was learning that getting things wrong and starting again is something that you do over and over and over. Even if you believe you are going forwards all the time, you are, but you are also learning from the past.

My website has gone through many changes. Maybe it would have been better to get it all sorted before starting up but I think you may have already gathered I’m not that patient. Even so, I have followed the journey’s of others alongside my own business and even those who had all the professional help and advice on setting up and getting their sites right before going public have tweaked and changed things along the way.

Change is inevitable, you can’t stay static you have to work out what works and what doesn’t and that changes all the time, so it’s obvious that you will have to change too. I look back at what I wanted at the very beginning of starting up and see that even though I haven’t changed my mind, or my ideas, I have changed the ways I wanted to achieve them.

Change can also be damaging. You begin to get recognised for your website design, your logo, your business. Then you change and have to start all over again. So it’s good to keep a balance. Once I was happy with the overall design of my site I just tweaked it, keeping the main features that I figured most people would find recognisable. I’ve also changed the stock in my shop over and over, but my policies and beliefs are the same. I’ve always wanted to provide reasonably priced necessary items alongside unique handmade gifts, and this is what I strive to provide.

Recently I wanted to change my avatar on Twitter, it’s a picture of my little man in one of my outfits that I sold. My little man is not so little anymore and I no longer sell that particular outfit. However, I realised that I recognise so many people on Twitter first and foremost by their avatar. By changing mine I might not be recognised so easily. It’s certainly a good idea to give things like avatars a lot of thought when creating them.

Time now for a little forward thinking. This Christmas I hope to be very busy so I’m planning and hoping to work hard for the next few months. I can see what I’ve achieved this year, but this time next year I want to have achieved so much more.



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Everyone loves jeans. We’ve managed to get some in stock for the older children. They are trendy, well made and great bargains too.

For the boys we have two styles and some combat trousers. From Hadleigh the jeans come in sizes 1yr to 8yrs and the combat trousers 3 yrs to 8 yrs, the prices are £12.99 and £13.99.


For the girls we currently have the one pair of jeans at £13.99

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