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Today it’s our birthday and we are 1 yr old.

We are celebrating all week and today it’s time to announce the winner of our gorgeous Hug Me Toy competition.

Thank you to everyone who entered, I do hope you will stick around with us as there will be plenty more goodies to come.

We had 104 entries into the competition. We asked for your favourite Hug Me and the winner was Celery Cow, followed closely by Hoppo Hippo.

The 104 entries were mixed up and then numbered, we then used a random number generator to pick the winner.



The number generated was 27

And the winner is………

drum roll please……………

Katie Corr

Congratulations Katie, I’ve sent you an e-mail.










Baby Baby Baby

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Bump To Bundle is a baby shop! Sorry for stating the obvious. When I first started up my website I did some research into keywords that would get me ranking in the search engines, (oh yes, the wonderful world of SEO, I’ll let you know if I ever understand any of it)
Baby, Baby, Baby was searched by thousands every day all over the world, wow! Or should that be why? Quite simply it’s the title of a very famous Justin Beiber song.
I had to look up Justin Beiber because I’d not actually heard of him, apparently he’s barely out of his childhood and gained fame for his musical talent on the internet, and young girls go crazy for him.
I had to rule out the keywords for my site, I could maybe have stolen a few of Justin’s fans but what would be the point, they would be too young to be parents (well, hopefully) and they wouldn’t appreciate my shop when looking for their teen idol’s most famous song.

Unique and Personalised Baby Gifts

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When I first started up my baby shop what I really wanted was to sell something I’d created myself. However, although I had plenty of ideas I hadn’t actually made anything at that point, but I wanted to get started on the shop straight away. This led me to looking around for baby things to sell and once I’d established a small stock I began adding them to my site and began my business.

It took a while to work out exactly what I wanted for my shop. I couldn’t make up my mind wether to continue selling baby clothes and accessories or to start making my own products. I figured I could do a bit of both and started making up baby clothing bouquets. Then reality struck. Although I loved making the bouquets they were incredibly time consuming, and with a new baby on the way I knew that after his arrival I wouldn’t have the time to make them anymore. I thought about other things I could make but the time to devote to them would always be a stopping point, at least for a couple of years.

Then someone approached me about selling their handmade jewellery in my shop. I did and it sold really well, but then the lady who made it decided she didn’t have the time to devote to making it anymore. This didn’t deter me though and I looked for other handmade items that I liked and thought would fit in my shop and then added a special gift section. So a happy compromise. I can sell the handmade items without having to devote my time in making them. I wish I could be making them but at the moment I’m just happy to be able to offer these lovely unique, handmade and personalised baby gifts to my customers.

Currently we have on offer: Kenzo Crafts Keepsakes

Booby and the beads Personalised bracelets and dummy clips

What’s my Name personalised plaques

Powell Craft handmade gifts

Flaming Imp Posters

Babybeads Nursing Necklaces

And The Winner is……

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I’ve taken all entries  into the latest Bump To Bundle competition, numbered them and then used a random number generator to pick a number, and the winner is……

Deborah Bird!

Congratulations. Please contact me here with your name and address and I’ll get your bottle in the post on Monday.

Commiserations to everyone else but I’m sure there will be  another giveaway soon.



Quick Giveaway

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To celebrate reaching 500 likers on Facebook we are giving away a Born Free BPA free 5oz bottle. All you have to do is tell me you would like it and I’ll pick a winner at random.

Tell me by leaving a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter. Just say I’d like a Born Free Bottle. Remember on Twitter you will have to send your tweet to @bumptobundle or I won’t see it.

Have you visited Bump To Bundle recently? We’d love to know what you think of our new look and all the new products we have been adding lately. You can leave feedback on the shop site or Facebook.



Happy Valentines x

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I’ve really enjoyed sharing lots of love messages with you all over the past week, this has to be one of the most romantic competitions I’ve ever held.

Thank you to everyone who entered our ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ competition. Today we gathered all the entries and put them into a random generator and the winner was Bernadette Blundell, who has lots of love for her husband, sons and her mum. Her prize a ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ DVD of the stageshow is on it’s way to her.

Sorry if you didn’t win  but I hope you had fun spreading some love.

If you’d like to see a preview and find out where to buy the DVD please check http://www.guessonstage.com/


Guess How Much I Love You Valentines Competition

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Valentines day is just a week away and here at Bump To Bundle we’ve decided to share some love in the way of a competition.

The prize is a DVD of ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ Live on stage, based on the fabulous books by Sam Mc Bratney.

For more information and a trailer visit  www.guessonstage.com

To enter the competition all you have to do is join us in spreading the love, we want love messages here on the blog, on FB and Twitter.

Just type ‘guess how much I Love you’ followed by who or what you love.

It could be your partner, your mother, your child or even chocolate 🙂

so on this blog or Facebook we want to see:

‘guess how much I love You, ‘your choice’

on twitter you will need to reply to us so we can see your entry

@bumptobundle ‘guess how much I love you, ‘your choice’

So come and spread some love and the winner will be announced on Valentines day xxx

Harrys Cot Nappies have arrived

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Now in store we have Harrys Cot Doody pants all-in-one nappies.

They look fantastic and I will be putting them to trial next week on my own little man.

The Harry’s Cot Doody Pants Birth to Potty Nappy is a pocket nappy which has a sewn in booster & comes with an additional booster.

Each Doody Pant has a fleece inner to keep baby’s skin dry & enables solids to be disposed of easily.

Changing is easy & stress free, as there are no additional bits, it really is as simple as using a disposable with each Doody Pant being available in either Velcro or Popper fastening.

Each Doody Pant requires no soaking & can be machine washed as well as being tumble or line dried, whichever way the Doody Pant Nappy is quick drying.

Doody Pants are available in:

White, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, blue circles and pink circles

Each nappy is just £12.50 plus p&p (free p&p if you order more than 1)

I’m looking for some mums to trial these nappies for me. I can let you have one or two nappies at just £9 each. (no postage fee)

please e-mail me if you are interested.

Quick Giveaway

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Ive just started a quick giveaway on my FB page. It’s simple, all you have to do is comment that you would like the prize and I’ll pick a winner at random.

The prize is a fantastic Buggy Clip, great for carrying bags on your buggy or pushchair.

Take a look and enter today, winner will be chosen very soon (Friday 14th)

Good Luck!

I’m Dreamin of………

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A white Christmas! Not very often we get one as snowy as this. It’s causing so many problems for people and I really do feel for those who can’t get to be with their families for Christmas because of the country coming to a standstill. There’s a few days left, maybe things will improve. I can’t help thinking though, how lovely it would be to get up on a snowy white Christmas morning. And I can’t help but love the way everything goes so quiet when it snows like this.

Snow or no snow, I would like to wish everyone a

Very Merry Christmas

And A

Prosperous New Year

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