Babybeads Breastfeeding necklaces

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Nursing necklaces, or breastfeeding necklaces are a great buy for a new mum. They are made to be attractive and stimulating to your baby and are safe for baby to play with while mum is wearing the necklace. We sell Babybeads necklaces which have been safety tested. they are made from non-toxic acrylic beads and strung on cord tested to 100lbs breaking strain. They are also knotted to minimise the loss of beads in the unlikely event of a breakage.

The Babybeads we sell come in many different colours and designs like this adorable blue necklace with animals, Little Boy Blue

or this really beautiful brightly coloured necklace with flowers and fairies, Flower Fairy

Or maybe something a little more unisex like this multi coloured necklace with tiny guardian angels, Guardian Angel

They are not only useful for breastfeeding babies you can also use them when bottle feeding. Mum wears the necklace and baby can look at it or play with it while feeding. It doesn’t stop there though, they also come in handy at other times babies need distracting, like waiting for an appointment in the doctors surgery. The necklaces generally become a well played with favourite of baby. When the child is older, over three years old, they may like to wear the necklace themselves and they fit in great in the dressing up box. (That’s if mum can bear to part with it!)

You can see our full range of Babybeads necklaces here, they make a fantastic present for an expectant or new mum and would be great as a babyshower gift.


Christmas Gift List

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It’s that time of year again, I love the run up to Christmas, buying presents, decorating the house, making the cake. I relish it all.

I’ve put together a little list of gifts to make life a little easier. Of course you can always visit our Christmas shop if you want things totally christmassy, but we have lots of other gift ideas all around the shop, so you can use this list for a little inspiration.

Gifts for Mums To Be

Books and Cds from Babysense.

Babysense book   £9

Sleepsense book  £9

Womb to World Cd   £9

La La Cd   £9


Gifts for Newborns

New baby boxed 5 piece clothing gift set  £19.99

4 piece gift set with photo album

gorgeously soft Hug Me Toys £12.00

Elly Organic cotton comforter toy, in blue or pink £13.00


Older Babies

Clothing We have a wide range of baby clothing that would make lovely gifts, for both boys and girls and at a price to suit every pocket.

Our gorgeous Moover toys are fantastic for getting little ones moving around and walking.

We have loads of toys like this fun ball blowing train £8

For the little princess a fabulous dressing up set in carry bag £11.99


Older Children

Constructions sets from Kidditec, ranging from £34.99 to £149.99

Magic Castle £16.99

Handmade bracelets £3.50

Personalised name plaques £14.99

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Finally, do you have some great events or parties to attend over the holiday season? If you need a babysitter or childminder and are in the London area then why not give Likeminders a try?

New Handmade and Unique gifts

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We now stock gorgeous handmade gifts from Crafty Cabin. We have bunting, keepsake boxes and wooden bricks. Each can be personlised with a name of choice. They are all handmade to order from wood and handpainted with 3D lettering and a choice of 3D decorations.

With prices starting from £12.99 they make wonderful gifts for baby’s room.

Name and Number

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Congratulations to Victoria and David Beckham on the birth of their daughter Harper Seven, born on 11th July at 7.55am and weighing 7lb 10oz. Welcome to the world baby Harper.

Of course already her name is under much discussion. Some comments from Twitter include, ‘it sounds like half past seven’ ‘at least she’s not named after a fruit’ and ‘when people were talking about Harper Seven, I genuinely thought it was a Dr Who spoiler..’

There are rumours that the name Harper came from a kids tv show, The Wizards of Waverly Place, which is apparently watched by her brothers, or it could be from the author of To Kill a Mocking Bird’ Harper Lee.

The name seven, which is not actually a name but a number (just thought I’d point that out ;-)) was probably chosen for a *number* (he he) of reasons, she was born in the 7th month in the 7th hour weighing 7lb and David’s old shirt number was 7. Of course 7 is considered to be a lucky number so maybe they called it her for luck! I would like to know how she’s going to react when she finds out she’s their 4th baby, not their 7th!

My personal opinion – I like the name, I’m not so sure I would have chosen Seven (I could have done for my daughter born 27/07/07) but it does go well with Harper and it is just the middle name (how often do you use other people’s middle names?)I think they could have done a lot worse.

Why Choose Organic Clothing for Your Baby?

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Why Choose Organic Baby Clothing?

Did you know that cotton is one of the most clinically treated fibres in the world?

Did you also know that a baby’s skin is five times thinner than an adults and we are capable of absorbing up to 60% of what goes against our skin?

This makes a baby more susceptable to the absorption of harmful toxins to its body.

Organic cotton farming does not use synthetic pesticides or herbicides.

Organic cotton production does not use chemical defoliation.

All organic products manufactured using organic cotton are also checked and certified by bodies such as the Soil Association.

Organic cotton feels softer, smells cleaner and is not finished with fomaldehyde. It is less likely to trigger allergies through the absence of harmful chemicals and is really kind to eczema.

So by buying organic baby clothing you are providing your baby with the healthiest, softest clothing you could possible buy and helping the environment as well.
At Bump to Bundle we have recently introduced a gorgeous range of organic baby clothing from Green Nippers. Using natural dyes they are colourful and fashionable as well as soft and safe for babies skin. The baby grows are suitable for everyday wear and because they have no tight waistbands they are also kind to babies tummies, especially those that suffer from reflux and colic. We also have bibs, booties and hats to co-ordinate. The current range is for 0-12 months but the new range of clothing from 0-5 years is due out in August.

Special offer for Blog readers, take a 10% discount on all Green Nipper products by using code GN10 at checkout.

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One Year On

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Today I’d just like to talk a little about what Bump To Bundle is all about. As an online shop we wanted to offer a useful service along with something a little different. So along the line of babywear, accessories and gifts we came up with a selection of neccessary items along with a selection of more unique items.

The necessary items are the clothing and accessories and the unique fall under the gifts. With the clothing we look at affordable quality babywear, usually imported from European countries. We love organic clothing and have a small range already and are now filling the shop with a brand new organic range which we have been lucky to source. The accessories range from slings and playmats to buggy clips and changing bags. We are proud to stock the Hippy Chick Hipseat child carrier and the portable highchair the Totseat, as well as the resourceful nursing cushion (which is so much more than a nursing cushion) the Widgey. We also offer real nappies from Harry’s Cot, sleepbags, blankets, books and cds.

We have a lovely range of toys for all ages, from baby comforters to children’s construction kits. We have  a wonderful selection of Moover wooden toys and many familiar names like The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Peter Rabbit.

Our unique gifts currently include handmade bracelets, nursing necklaces, door plaques and wooden personalised gifts. All made to order, all unique.

We’ve had some lovely feedback particularly about our quick delivery service. We do like to allow 3-7 days for delivery but we try to get orders processed as quickly as we can. Others have praised our website and said how easy it is to use, we do keep it updated as often as possible and are always striving to keep it tidy so our customers can find what they need easily.

We like to keep you informed about our site, our work, our special offers and new products, as well as offering giveaways and competition, so please subscribe to our blog by entering your e-mail to your right, or follow us on Networked Blogs on Facebook, link to your right. Thank you 🙂

Painkillers Dangerous for Teething Babies

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Painkillers dangerous for teething babiesIt’s common practice for some mommies to rub Anbesol or Orajel on their babies sore gums when they’re teething. But The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning that an ingredient in these pain relievers is linked to a serious illness……………read more

This recent article states that  teething gels can cause serious illness to babies due to them containing benzocaine, a topical anaesthetic.

Personally, I do not believe that there would be a sufficient amount of benzocaine in any product meant for babies or small children to actually cause harm. These products have been around for many many years. There is always a risk with any medicine though, particularly if there is an underlying problem, in this case, such as heart disease, breathing disorder or enzyme deficiency.

If you prefered not to take the risk then what alternatives could you use?

You can use cooled teething rings, these are bought already filled with water for you to put in the fridge. The coolness helps to soothe the gums and the baby’s chewing will help the teeth to cut through.

Use a clean damp face cloth  for baby to chew on. This can also help mop up the copious amounts of dribble a teething baby produces.

Teething toys, you can buy all sorts of colourful teething toys for baby to explore with his mouth.

Frozen pieces of fruit, baby can suck on these for comfort. The fruit can be boiled before freezing for a younger baby. It’s best to leave them for at least 5 minutes once they are out of the freezer to prevent freezer burns.

Homeopathic teething powders, contain all natural ingredients and can relieve the discomfort of teething.

At night it might be wise to give a baby over 3 months a small dose of baby paracetamol to ease the pain and help baby sleep better.

Teething can be a nightmare but it doesn’t last forever.

Soft Baby Shoes for Girls and Boys

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One of the favourite products we sell on Bump to bundle is our lovely baby shoes from Shoo Shoos.

To add more focus to the range and bring a whole load of  special offers we have set up a brand new Facebook Shop

At Sweet Baby Feet, you can view and buy our full current range of baby shoes without the addition of P&P, you can also find extra special offers and discounts. We are also able to offer old favourites that are harder to get a hold of now.

Soon we will be launching a promotional competition, which will be held her on this blog to win a pair of Baby shoes, but first we need a few more likers on our page so please do share with your friends and any mummies you know that might be interested.

My little man loves his shoo shoos. They are easy to get on because you can open the front right up to slip a wriggly or squished up foot insde. They are soft and comfortable once on and very difficult for baby to pull, rub or kick off. You can even put them in the washing machine on a cool wash when they need freshening up. Available in a wide range of girls and boys designs and sizes from 0-24 months. They come in a little (Recyclable) see through bag with handles.

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Getting Seen!

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Today I’m going to share a few things that help me with the promotion of my online shop Bump To Bundle.

Search Engine Optimisation is vital and there are many ways to find out about how to do your own SEO and improve your rankings in the search engines. One of the best I’ve found so far is the helpful e-mails I get from

For finding out how well your site is doing, how many visitors you are getting, what keywords they are using to find you, where they are coming from, and help on choosing keywords then you can’t do better than Google Analytics

I’m a big believer in using social networks to aid promotion so a Facebook page and a Twitter account are a necessity. If you’ve not used them before they may take some getting used to but there is always help at hand with a simple search.

A useful tool I recently found for Twitter is Buffer. You can use it to space your tweets out so that you can be tweeting even when you are not online. Extremely useful if you have a special promotion on and don’t have the time to sit all day tweeting about it. You just stack up your tweets and set the times you want each one sent out. It’s really easy to use too.

Connecting with like  minded people in forums can be a great way to get advice, help, feedback and lots more. You can find forums easily by just asking relevent questions in google, for example if your site is to do with babies, then ask a question about babies and you are bound to come up with links to answers given in forums. Or you can find them through Facebook and Twitter, or just by browsing similar sites to yours. Or you could try

You may also benefit from directory sites such as or but be prepared for phone calls from companies offering to get you on the first page of google for extortionate prices. Keep working at it and you really don’t need to pay anyone. (And if you do pay, you might find your fame doesn’t last very long anyway!)

Baby Baby Baby

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Bump To Bundle is a baby shop! Sorry for stating the obvious. When I first started up my website I did some research into keywords that would get me ranking in the search engines, (oh yes, the wonderful world of SEO, I’ll let you know if I ever understand any of it)
Baby, Baby, Baby was searched by thousands every day all over the world, wow! Or should that be why? Quite simply it’s the title of a very famous Justin Beiber song.
I had to look up Justin Beiber because I’d not actually heard of him, apparently he’s barely out of his childhood and gained fame for his musical talent on the internet, and young girls go crazy for him.
I had to rule out the keywords for my site, I could maybe have stolen a few of Justin’s fans but what would be the point, they would be too young to be parents (well, hopefully) and they wouldn’t appreciate my shop when looking for their teen idol’s most famous song.

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