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Today I’m going to share a few things that help me with the promotion of my online shop Bump To Bundle.

Search Engine Optimisation is vital and there are many ways to find out about how to do your own SEO and improve your rankings in the search engines. One of the best I’ve found so far is the helpful e-mails I get from

For finding out how well your site is doing, how many visitors you are getting, what keywords they are using to find you, where they are coming from, and help on choosing keywords then you can’t do better than Google Analytics

I’m a big believer in using social networks to aid promotion so a Facebook page and a Twitter account are a necessity. If you’ve not used them before they may take some getting used to but there is always help at hand with a simple search.

A useful tool I recently found for Twitter is Buffer. You can use it to space your tweets out so that you can be tweeting even when you are not online. Extremely useful if you have a special promotion on and don’t have the time to sit all day tweeting about it. You just stack up your tweets and set the times you want each one sent out. It’s really easy to use too.

Connecting with likeĀ  minded people in forums can be a great way to get advice, help, feedback and lots more. You can find forums easily by just asking relevent questions in google, for example if your site is to do with babies, then ask a question about babies and you are bound to come up with links to answers given in forums. Or you can find them through Facebook and Twitter, or just by browsing similar sites to yours. Or you could try

You may also benefit from directory sites such as or but be prepared for phone calls from companies offering to get you on the first page of google for extortionate prices. Keep working at it and you really don’t need to pay anyone. (And if you do pay, you might find your fame doesn’t last very long anyway!)


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